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35 minute webinar

We’re living in an age of radical uncertainty where we are pushed to a “new normal’ everyday. After COVID-19, the recession, global trade wars, climate change and more, supply chain disruption is inevitable, so how we react and respond to it must be certain.

In this webinar, hosted by Omera Khan, Professor in Supply Chain Management at Royal Holloway University of London, we highlight why agility is the key to building resilience, as well as:

  • Why are today’s supply chains particularly vulnerable?
  • Moving from yesterday’s model of stability and inventory focused, to today’s model of responsive and demand-driven action
  • What do world class supply chains have in common?
  • Triple ‘A’ supply chains
  • Designing the supply chain from the customer backwards

You’ll walk away with a checklist for supply chain resilience that you can start using in your everyday role from today.

Change and resilience won’t happen overnight, but supply chain disruption can, so get started now.

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Hear our key insights on building a resilient supply chain in an unpredictable world.