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Written by Skill Dynamics

Press release: Skill Dynamics digital badges

London 6th July 2022 – Skill Dynamics is pleased to announce the launch of new digital certification “badges” designed to showcase its learners’ professional achievements on a host of social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

Lots of Skill Dynamics learners are already choosing to stand out from the crowd by updating their social media profiles with their certifications and the new badges will make this process much quicker and more visually engaging.

Badges have been created to represent the achievement of each of the six Certified Professional statuses that Skill Dynamics officially recognizes.

CEO Sam Pemberton comments “We always feel proud when learners achieve their professional learning goals, and we are pleased to be able to respond to customer feedback to have a readily shareable solution to showcase individual achievement. We believe learning is a journey that never stops and it’s so important to recognise the milestones along the way – as well as for experts who are recertifying their skillset. We are excited that these new badges will help more procurement and supply chain professionals to share their success and enjoy well deserved praise from their peers.”

The badges launch today for all new certifications achieved, and in the coming weeks will be retrospectively issued for certifications earned in the past 12 months. We will continue to track and accredit all learning journeys and will also continue to issue PDF certificates alongside these new digital badges.

Skill Dynamics