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What’s inside?

Skills shortages trouble significant numbers of supply chain and procurement organizations, with many struggling to recruit employees who possess critical skills.  Frequently, and worryingly, those skills shortages stem from skilled employees that they did have in their teams walking out of the door, never to return.

Sam Pemberton, CEO of Skill Dynamics comments on the findings of our latest research:  “Over a quarter of junior supply chain professionals plan to leave their role over the next two years, and almost as many junior procurement professionals plan on doing the same. At a time when these teams are looking to increase – rather than reduce – headcount, churn is fast approaching a crunch point and leaders must act now to retain key skills.”

Our latest in-depth report Breaking the skill-loss cycle in procurement and supply chain, analyzes data from over 400 supply chain and procurement professionals across the UK and US*, to uncover what’s driving employee churn, demonstrates its cost to supply chain and procurement organizations, highlights the factors influencing churn, and makes the case as to why better training—and in particular eLearning—can reduce it.

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The impact of employee churn to the procurement and supply chain sector