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In a recent feature in The Sunday Times, our CEO – David Rajakovich – outlines why upskilling is key to overcoming supply chain complexities.

We’re proud to have been featured in The Sunday Times recently in the most in-depth supply chain report published in the UK’s national press this year, which focused on the hot topic of supply chain resilience.

In David’s interview, he talks about why supply chains have become more complex, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the supply of goods and how digitalization is critical to creating more resilient supply chains.

It’s important to recognise that technology in itself cannot deliver a truly digital supply chain, however. There is a skills gap in supply chain professionals who are required to operate and configure technology which will enable effective digitization and the interview moves on to discuss how organizations can fill this all-important skills gap.

As an eLearning provider, Skill Dynamics can play a key role in accelerating performance and improving the resilience of supply chains and in this article you can find out how, including the benefits of digital learning over classroom or blended learning.

Subscription to The Sunday Times normally starts at £15 per month, but we are pleased to offer you exclusive access to read the entire supply chain report for FREE – simply click on this link.