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The Procure-to-Pay Process: From Requisition to Payment

Procurement 3

Gain an understanding of the skills you need to successfully manage purchase and payment transactions. Deep dive into creating purchase orders, managing requisitions, selecting the most appropriate path for a transaction (automatic/semi-automatic/manual), identifying opportunities for rapid sourcing and measuring success. Discover up-to-date techniques that help you support your organization's operational procurement process.

Level 55

Understanding the Fundamentals of DDMRP: How it Works, Benefits & Challenges

Supply Chain 1

Learn the fundamentals of DDMRP and how to apply it in your organization. Learn about the six-step implementation process from development to realization, strategies for meeting demand timing requirements, ways to anticipate risk factors in materials flow networks, techniques for forecasting demand accurately, methods for collaboration with customers or suppliers, quality assurance practices within DDMRP systems as well as best practices for getting buy-in from stakeholders and securing their support throughout the transition process.

Level 30