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What’s inside?

As digital transformation continues to reshape industries, supply chain, and procurement teams are feeling the pressure to compete in the race to Industry 4.0. Investments in digital technology continue to increase year after year yet, our research found that many teams are lacking the core technical skills required for your organization’s digital fluency.

Sam Pemberton, CEO of Skill Dynamics comments on the findings of our latest research:  “Over a quarter of senior supply chain and procurement professionals that we spoke to have not noticed any improvements in the speed or accuracy of their teams’ work, despite having the world of technology at their fingertips.”

Our latest in-depth report Achieving the promise of Industry 4.0, analyzes data from over 200 supply chain and procurement professionals across the UK and US, to uncover how investing in digital technologies is benefiting their organizations, the challenges that come with not having the right skills and how they plan to overcome these hurdles in order to use their technology to its full potential. 

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