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Feb 28, 2022

Infographic: Climate change and the supply chain

Ignoring climate change risks unimaginable consequences - but will supply chain and procurement teams take the right steps? This infographic shares the opportunities presented to your organization by taking the route to zero carbon and why it's vital to do your part. Get the infographic now to learn more!

Nov 18, 2021

How-to guide: step your supply chain up a gear

In this short how-to guide, we make a call for procurement functions to pursue a different strategy: source for resilience, rather than lowest cost. To achieve this, businesses need to think differently about sourcing and supply chains, which calls for a different mindset, and different skills. At the end this guide you'll get a list of key learnings that can help your organization start the journey to step your supply chain resilience up a gear!

Oct 22, 2021

How-to guide: Are you sourcing for resilience?

Business continue to be caught out by their lack of supply chain resilience. With multiple potential causes for disruption and a lack of knowledge of the wider supply chain, there can be significant risk exposure. Taking insights from our recently released research, Sourcing for Resilience, in this short how-to guide, we share a checklist for procurement functions and boards of directors to improve your supply chain resilience.

Sep 30, 2021

Sourcing for Resilience

Supply chains are now increasingly vulnerable to disruption so procurement practices need to change. Procurement teams must source for resilience, not lowest cost. To achieve this, businesses need a different mindset and different skills to transform how they think about sourcing and supply chains.

May 21, 2021

Supply Chain Skills for the Future

What skills, then, best equip supply chain professionals for this brave new world? What skills help supply chain professionals best deliver on the promise of this future, as it impacts the world’s supply chains?

Apr 19, 2021

The Future of Retail

In little over a decade, the retail landscape has changed out of all recognition. The shift to online retailing, for instance. The rise of omnichannel. The demise of department stores. The shrinking High Street, and the move to edge-of-town retail parks. Growing consumer demand for same-day home deliveries.

Jan 21, 2021

Digital Supply Chain

End-to-end digitized supply chains will one day exist. It has taken generations, but information flow along supply chains is now faster—and richer—than ever before. What was unthinkable even a few years ago is now commonplace.