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Revolutionizing how you upskill your teams

High-impact, personalized, skills-based and continuous learning – delivered at scale

The changing world is putting procurement and supply chain employees at all levels under pressure. Corporate training programs can often struggle to deliver the continuous, real-world learning that this operating environment demands, leaving procurement and supply chain leaders and L&D teams with a choice between high-quality learning and a realistic time and cost commitment.

About Skill Dynamics

Our high-impact digital training programs offer the best of both worlds; continuous learning journeys that are personalized by role and skill level AND delivered at scale. Through our industry beating content that’s powered by innovative technology and cognitive science, your people learn the real-world skills needed to excel, your business performance will accelerate as you strengthen your ability to attract and retain talent, future-proof your capabilities and increase the impact of your investment in skills development.

Over 520 multinationals have already trusted us to up-skill, re-skill and build the resilience of over 300,000 learners around the world. Join them in preparing your team for the future with continuous personalized learning at scale from Skill Dynamics. Performance. Accelerated.

Our mission

To provide high-impact digital training programs that upskill and effectively prepare corporate employees for everything required to excel in their role.

Our story

We‘re digital natives having provided online procurement and supply chain training right from when the company was founded in 2011.

We believe that real-life problems can’t be resolved with theory alone. That’s why our corporate training is role-based, practical and continuous – to help keep your team ahead of the competition. It’s designed by expert practitioners for practitioners and is powered by cognitive learning science and exceptional technology. So your employees maximize their knowledge retention and quickly apply what they’ve learned.

In 2020, we partnered with Levine Leichtman Capital Partners. LLCP is a middle-market private-equity firm with a 36-year track record of targeted investment and $6.9 billion of assets under management.

In 2021 we took an important step to rebrand from Procurement Academy and Supply Chain Academy to Skill Dynamics to consolidate our unique combination of training courses, platform and learning science into a single brand.

Today we are headquartered in the UK and have people in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and China and having already served over 520 blue-chip clients, we have ambitious growth plans. We’ve already made a real impact on procurement and supply chain training worldwide and want to keep increasing global standards for these strategically important business functions.

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“As an experienced leader, you know your team’s knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness have to be second to none to reach your strategic goals. If you can’t match your competition’s constant improvement, you’ll fall behind.

Developing your people enriches their lives and shows your commitment to them. This desire to support people builds trust and allows them to unleash their potential in the workplace. Being able to do this at scale with Skill Dynamics will really accelerate your business performance.”

Sam Pemberton CEO, Skill Dynamics

Leading from the front

Discover more about our executive-level managers.

Sam Pemberton

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Sowerby

Chief Financial Officer

Darren Forster

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Wayne Mumford

VP of Professional Services

Davina Quarterman

VP of Marketing and Learning Success

Laura Moreira

VP of HR

Neil Padgen

VP of Technology

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