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Customized training,
lightning fast set-up

Hit the ground running

Your time is valuable, so a quick and efficient deployment is key. Our onboarding team ensures your learners are equipped with everything they need to start their learning journey. If you have a specific business problem or initiative, we can customize your training program to address it.

Stage one

Welcome – You’ll be assigned a Project Manager and onboarding team to ensure your journey starts with a flourish!

Stage two

Platform configuration – We customize your learning platform with your branding and colors, and upload introductory videos.

Stage three

Learning format design – Based on the learning styles of your team, we build out the best eLearning through high impact courses, micro-learnings, refresher courses, serious games, expert reviews and simulations.

Stage four

Custom learning plans – Based on your learners’ personalized needs assessments and your organizations’ goals we agree the best learning plans, content, roles, target levels and assessments suitable for your team.

Stage five

Integrated Learning Platforms – We tailor your platform which is comprised of three modules, online registration via our Review module, a seamless transition to the Learn module where learning happens, and your Insight module where you can track your teams’ progress

Stage six

Register & go!– Learners are welcomed to a live kick-off webinar, showing them how to register, complete their skills review and start their personalized learning journey.

Always here to support you

Customers are at the center of our world, we are entirely focused on supporting you and your learners through their continuous learning journey. Our goal is to help you make your training program a success by working together to solve your business challenges through accelerated team performance

We do this in three key ways:

1. Give you a quick, hassle free onboarding experience to help your learners access the learning as soon as possible
2. Provide a pro-active, multi-lingal customer support team ready to answer queries and solve any problems
3. Give you a dedicated customer success team who will work closely with you to agree what success looks like each year and to success plan for the years ahead