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Why Skill Dynamics

Quality assured by a
robust development process

More than ever procurement and supply chain professional at all levels are experiencing long and short-term challenges that puts pressure on their roles. Combined with the hugely complex business environment, organizations are struggling to deliver the necessary skills to their workforce that will also deliver successful outcomes for the business.


Tools to succeed

According to Gartner, organizations spend over $350bn globally on training, yet 70% of employees report that they don’t have mastery of the skills needed to do their jobs. Skill Dynamics empowers procurement and supply chain teams with the tools, know-how and confidence to be successful in their roles.

Traditional learning has its limits

Traditional learning struggles to meet the variety, flexibility and style of training that modern learners need. It often means having to choose between compromised training solutions that are either high quality, but expensive and time-consuming – which is typically aimed at senior management and ignores employees who may have greater learning needs – or generic, fragmented options that are low cost and scalable but low in value and utility. Skill Dynamics offer the best of both, role-based digital training that’s scalable, affordable and – crucially – fits with your teams’ individual needs.

Shift the paradigm

Skill Dynamics’ alternative eLearning approach is trusted by leading brands around the world. Our unique team-wide training programs deliver affordable and scalable procurement and supply chain digital training courses that are also high-quality and role-based. We are the only global EdTech provider delivering affordable, continuous personalized learning at scale with high applicability and memorability – it’s training created for the digital first generation. Skill Dynamics will equip your team with the real-world skills they need to excel in their role.

Maximize your training investment

Our programs deliver real results where they matter most, ensuring you future proof your capabilities in an ever-changing world, enable you to attract, hire and retain talent, and maximize your learning and development budget. Our industry-leading procurement and supply chain certification and training programmes offer high impact online learning that’s affordable and scalable, delivered on a world class LMS and with learning science baked into every course.