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6 Practical Warehouse Management Tips to Improve Inventory Control

Here are 6 Practical Warehouse Management Tips to Improve Inventory Control.

Tips for warehouse management

Plan the Warehouse Layout

How to improve warehouse management? Plan the warehouse layout carefully to maximize the storage space. It should facilitate the movement of goods in the warehouse. Mark the shelves and bins properly and place them in a planned manner to avoid confusion and stocking of goods at inappropriate places.

Ensure you keep enough space to maneuver the forklifts or pallet jackets without any hindrance. The right layout will help you minimize safety hazards too.

Incorporate Efficient Weighing Systems

How to improve inventory management? Incorporate efficient equipment for weighing in your warehouse as it will help you optimize all the weighing processes. You will be able to weigh the inventory accurately and minimize human errors.
You can improve the accuracy of the billing as well as shipping by a great degree, which would lead to higher revenues. You can even enhance overall productivity.

How to improve inventory management? More Tips

Arrange your Inventory Properly

Inventory management is all about how you arrange your inventory. The proper way would be to arrange it based on how and when you will use it. Don’t hoard the inventory unless there is a high and regular demand for it.With optimized inventory holding, you can effectively reduce the storage costs. Study the historical trends to forecast the inventory need. Learn about warehouse inventory control tips.

Practice Cross Docking

Cross docking is tips for warehouse management process whose objective is to reduce shelf storage time of stocks in the warehouse. It facilitates quick transportation of warehouse delivered goods to the outbound carriers that will then take the stocks to distribution centers. When you plan the layout of the warehouse, ensure it supports cross docking.

Embrace Technology

Use technology to improve warehouse management. Minimize manual tasks and automate warehouse processes. Implement warehouse management software to track the movement, sorting and storing of the inventory.

You can consider using self-driving technology to reassign your workers to more critical jobs. Barcode and RFID enabled data collection and inventory tracking are good options to consider. Tech-enabled inventory tracking will prove beneficial if you have to deal with thousands of SKUs in multiple warehousing locations. You will save time, money and effort by using technology in the right way.

Improve Demand Planning

How to improve inventory management? Demand planning is an essential part of forecasting stock requirements, inventory purchases and customer buying trends.

By improving demand planning, you can optimize the inventory levels and meet the demands of the customers simultaneously. You will also be able to track:

  • Sales history trends
  • Trends of different manufacturers
  • How a product sells during specific seasons of the year
  • Rules of warehouse business

With efficient global big data analytics in supply chain management and careful planning, you will be able to run even the most complex warehouse with high efficiency.

Author Bio: Kevin Hill heads the marketing efforts at Quality Scales Unlimited in Byron, CA. Besides his day job, he loves to write about the different types of scales and their importance in various industries. He also writes about how to care for and get optimized performance from different scales in different situations.

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