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Written by Skill Dynamics

Case Study: Ewellix

Ewellix, part of the Schaeffler Group, is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of linear motion solutions, which incorporate state-of-the-art designs, components, and digital technology.

The challenge

With multiple languages, ways of working and different terminologies, Ewellix COO, Victor Jaecklin, wanted to align the ways of working, improve team performance, build momentum, and allow each learner to feel empowered in their roles. With 65 learners based in countries including Sweden, Bulgaria, France, Switzerland, Germany, the US, Taiwan and China, they have some challenges to overcome.

After implementing several new procurement processes, Group Director Purchasing, Nicolas Robardet, identified a number of competencies which required development within the team. Competencies included risk management, supplier relationship management, contract management, negotiation, and strategy.

After seeing the quality of Skill Dynamics’ solution and content, Group Director Purchasing saw an opportunity to develop the supply chain too and introduced the Group Director Demand Chain & Logistics, Magnus Pettersson, into the program.

The solution

After an in-depth review, Skill Dynamics and its technology became the clear partner to help Ewellix achieve their objectives for both the procurement and supply chain teams. Ewellix will be implementing – in their own branding – the full technology suite made up of Skill Dynamics’ Review module, Learn module and Insight module. To ensure Ewellix global team have equal access, all learning will be deployed in several languages with transcript for additional support.

Ewellix is working hard to ensure this learning benefit is utilized and a success. A full communication plan was drafted that included buy-in from all senior stakeholders and active engagement with the roll out. A key sponsor of the programme, Victor Jaecklin, launched the benefit on the onboarding webinars and is working with line managers to encourage employees to apply their learnings in their daily roles.

We’re thrilled to be launching this training program to our employees to help unify our global teams and be the true specialists in our field. Not only is upskilling vital to Ewellix success, I want to provide our employees the chance to develop and feel confident in their knowledge during their day-to-day work.

Victor Jaecklin, COO, Ewellix.

The results

Ewellix launched the training to their procurement and supply chain team in early November 2022 and have already seen results.

Not only have employees been taking the time to complete their review, but they’ve also been working together to achieve their goals by connecting with their colleagues, setting themselves training tasks before later catching up to share their experience and what they have learnt. Not only have their employees been inspired to learn, but many have also noted that the training is relevant to their day-to-day work.

Employee feedback:


eLearning modules
completed in
2 months


great course


rating the
course content
as ‘great’.


stating the courses
were relevant to
their job


would recommend
the courses to a


would apply the
knowledge acquired
from the courses

Competency improvements include:


Cost management




Strategy and analytics


Inventory control




Supply planning

Skill Dynamics