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Written by Skill Dynamics

Case Study: Huber+Suhner

Huber+Suhner, a global company, headquartered in Switzerland, develop and manufactures components and system solutions for electrical and optical connectivity enhancing their customers communication.

The challenge

With such a vital product at stake, they needed to ensure their ambitious and dedicated procurement teams were equipped with the right training to ensure they can deliver everything needed to get their cutting-edge technologies into their customers hands.

Like many global organizations, Huber+Suhner was struggling with their procurement professionals being spread across the globe including Switzerland, Poland, USA, Germany, and China. Coping with language barriers and multiple ways of working, procurement efficiencies were running low.

After a positive experience of working with Skill Dynamics at a previous company, Huber+Suhner’s Head of Sourcing & Logistics set out to advance the capabilities of his new team in Poland whilst also exploring whether Huber+Suhner’s global head office would also be interested in the initiative.

Huber+Suhner wanted to ensure every learner had fair and equal access to all the tools required to improve their skill set, develop in their roles and come together as a team. So, a key requirement was to ensure the chosen provider could offer a combination of procurement and supply chain courses, multiple languages, and certification. Hoping for even further development of the tools and new languages availability Huber+Suhner decided to implement the Skill Dynamics platform.

The solution

After a wide review of Skill Dynamics content and initially exploring LinkedIn Learning, Skill Dynamics became Huber+Suhner’s clear choice to help achieve their key objective: upskilling the team globally and synchronize knowledge level and understanding to improve tactical and strategic part of sourcing/procurement work and reduce focus on completing administration/operational based tasks.

German Workers Council had an interest in the Skill Dynamics solution, seeing this as a positive initiative to help develop people, but also to ensure all learners received an equal experience. By working together, Skill Dynamics and Huber+Suhner delivered a demonstration in German to the worker representation to seek their approval to begin the onboarding process.

In six and half weeks, working closely together we successfully onboarded all learners to the full technology suite made up of Skill Dynamics’ Review, Insight and Learn modules. Skill Dynamics’ technology suite also integrated closely with Huber+Suhner’s network to ensure a Single Sign On for a seamless learner experience. Huber+Suhner went on to onboard another 25 supply chain learners.

“While I may have been a little apprehensive of eLearning initially as I was more familiar with traditional training methods, Skill Dynamics completely eradicated any concerns I had once I had seen the Skill Dynamics solution and how this could help my team. Working closely with us to ensure all our training needs were met, I had confidence that our global procurement team would receive solid and proven training to enhance our overall capabilities, advance each individual professional and empower our function. We’re looking forward to expanding this to our supply chain team too.”

Stefan Isler, Head of Global Sourcing, Huber+Suhner.

The results

Huber+Suhner launched with their full procurement team in July 2022 and have already achieved some promising results from their learners.

Not only have their employees been inspired to learn – completing on average 3.5 modules each, but they’ve also noted how helpful they found the content, and that the training is relevant to their day-to-day work:

Employee feedback:


of respondents
liked the


rated the
course content
as ‘great’.


would recommend
the courses to
a colleague.


would apply
the knowledge
acquired from
the courses.

“I like using Skill Dynamics as my individual needs are met with the role-based training and I am able to choose the courses flexibly. I found this especially useful when I felt an urgent need to practice a particular skill.”

Penny Gu, Huber+Suhner.

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