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Written by Skill Dynamics

Case Study: NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors (NXP), is a global designer and manufacturer headquartered in The Netherlands. NXP designs purpose-built, rigorously tested technologies that enable devices to sense, think, connect and act intelligently to improve people’s daily lives. To ensure their team can create breakthrough technologies that make the connected world better, they’re committed to continued learning for their team members. 

The challenge

Following the appointment of NXP’s Chief Procurement Officer, Jeff Wincel, a new global strategy was implemented that included a pillar dedicated to ‘people and success’. As part of this important pillar, a professional development program was created to transform the procurement department. At its heart, NXP wanted a scalable and effective eLearning solution that unified and standardized skills and processes globally, whilst ensuring the team had a more cohesive approach to work.

Following some internal planning, NXP decided on the following academy requirements to ensure their pillar would be a success:

  • A pre-assessment, prior to recommending a personalized learning plan
  • Key competency focus areas in negotiation and contracting, with a wider focus on numerous key competencies that were set by NXP’s management team
  • Global language capabilities and multiple time zone support
  • International certifications
  • A consumer-grade user interface
  • Powerful analytics and data reporting

The solution

After a competitive RFP, NXP chose to partner with Skill Dynamics. Together, we implemented our full technology suite made up of Skill Dynamics’ skills gap assessment (Review module), learning management system (Learn module) and reporting center (Insight module) for their initial 50 procurement learners.

Our Review module ensured NXP’s learners were given the most personalized learning plans for their skills, role and goals. Our Learn module maximised learner engagement with each course, using a wide range of interactive learning formats including simulations and expert reviews. And finally, the Insight module met NXP’s requirements for reporting and analytics, providing managers with the data to check-in and support each learner with their own learning journeys.

“Our people are the key to NXP’s success and I wanted to ensure they felt adequately supported. Creating a professional development program and providing the training that Skill Dynamics offers gives our procurement team the tools to completely transform”

Jeff Wincel, CPO, NXP Semiconductors.

The results

The time from initial contact to a successful onboarding took a mere six months, with all 50 learners starting their assessments in March 2023. With such a clear strategy supported by a market-leading solution, it’s no surprise that NXPs procurement team is seeing some impressive results:

Employee feedback:


of respondents
liked the


felt the training was relevant to their jobs.


indicated that the new knowledge they had gained would be applied very often.


would recommend the courses to a colleague.

Skill Dynamics