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Written by Skill Dynamics

Let’s Talk Supply Chain Podcast: Revolutionize How You Upskill Your Teams, with Skill Dynamics

With increasing corporate spotlight on procurement and supply chain functions following Covid-19 and Brexit, teams are under pressure to improve not only their overall efficiency and the resilience of the supply chain – but to de-risk it too.

In a recent interview for leading industry podcast, Let’s Talk Supply Chain, our very own CEO, David Rajakovich, joined host Sarah Barnes-Humphrey – to talk about these and other key challenges and trends affecting the world of supply chain today, and into the future. 

In this podcast  David and Sarah discuss how organizations can mitigate these challenges AND gain a strategic advantage by focussing on building and developing high performing teams with high impact digital learning solutions.

Listen in to find out:

  • What role-based learning is, and how differs from traditional learning

  • Why classroom based training often fails to deliver

  • How digital tools and cognitive load theory raises improves the performance of corporate learners

Tune into the podcast now. 




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