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Written by Skill Dynamics

Omera Khan as Executive Strategic Advisor for Thought Leadership Series

Recognized globally for her research and  thought leadership in supply chain risk management, Omera brings her vast expertise to the company and will take a leading role in the development of supply chain content that is timely relevant and purposeful for our clients. You can expect, cutting edge analysis and white papers, thought provoking roundtables and podcasts, senior leadership interviews and topical blog articles.

Pictured: Professor Omera Khan

Recently, Skill Dynamics has joined forces with Professor Omera Khan, who will be joining the company as their Executive Strategic Advisor to support the discovery and implementation of new courses and content. Omera’s venture into supply chain management began at Cranfield School of Management, after completing a Masters in Design Procurement at UMIST (University of Manchester, UK) followed by a PhD in Supply Chain Risk Management at the Alliance Manchester Business School.

Omera is fired up to invigorate Supply Chain professionals with her insightful projects at Skill Dynamics. Making a dramatic start with her first project on the ‘Route to Zero Carbon’ an extremely relevant and much debated issue world-wide given the significance of sustainability. And this is no more important than in our supply chains, Omera has showcased her ability to simplify even the most controversial and complex issues into meaningful and thought provoking words. Her style is to inspire and encourage supply chain professionals to ‘think out of the box’ solutions, to dare to disrupt and build sustainable and resilient practices. 

Skill Dynamics is renowned for having years of experience in upskilling organizations with high-impact eLearning. With innovative, role-based, and cognitively driven courses, the company focuses on delivering tailor-made solutions designed to provide professional development and efficiently empower the workforce. The firm’s partnership with Prof. Dr. Omera Khan is evidence of its commitment to providing a top-quality learning experience to its clients.

Describing her first project at the Skill Dynamics on the ‘Route to Zero Carbon’ Omera has shared the key importance of the topic and its timeliness to the supply chain community.  

“Climate change affects us all, it is a battle that must be won. We cannot simply ignore the impact that years of human consumption have had on the planet. Supply chains are at the front line, it is here we can make a positive difference and the ‘route to zero carbon’ is one step closer to achieving that. If your organization is pursuing – or thinking about pursuing – a zero carbon initiative as part of your sustainability agenda, then this roundtable and white paper is essential.” 

Dr. Prof. Omera Khan

Check this out for yourselves. The much anticipated  ‘Route to Zero Carbon’ virtual roundtable and its accompanying white paper will be available to the public. You will have access to the roundtable on Skill Dynamics’ YouTube Channel on October 16th, 2020 and we invite everyone to download Khan’s White Paper for free on October 22nd, 2020.

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