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Written by Skill Dynamics

Procurement and Supply Chain Academies Rebrand as ‘Skill Dynamics’

Manhattan, New York. April 14, 2021: Procurement and Supply Chain Academies, founded in 2011, have announced their rebrand to ‘Skill Dynamics’, which took place on April 13th. Procurement and Supply Chain Academies have had an exceptional decade of global growth, with offices in the US, Europe, the Middle East and China, training over 300,000 corporate employees. 

Rebranding as ‘Skill Dynamics’, the company provides a modern name, fresh official logo and state-of-the-art branding, merging all of their role-based digital procurement and supply chain training products and services under one united brand.

CEO, David Rajakovich, addressed employees, investors, media and other stakeholders to unveil the new identity, underlining the principles behind the rebrand and the resolute devotion to the organization’s core values and business philosophy. 

When asked “Why Skill Dynamics?” Rajakovich explains, “The word Skill is the core of our business. Dynamics emphasizes a sense of motion, unlimited opportunity and evolution, that we provide speed and progress to our customers’ company and employees. Following our rapid growth and further development of our products and services, we took this opportunity to evolve in a fast-moving industry.”

“With 520+ blue-chip clients worldwide, we are making a real impact. Our new brand identity streamlines our approach into one powerhouse brand. I’m proud of our development from a fast-growing start-up into a mature, internationally recognized company. Therefore, it was time to carve out a strong identity that is uniquely our own – infusing our brand with meaning and a promise to keep procurement, supply chain and other operations professionals up to date with all the latest tools, technologies and processes. Skill Dynamics is on a quest to change the way the world upskills their people in line with the trend toward efficiency and speed.”

David Rajakovich, CEO

We serve clients across all industries worldwide. However, we have decided to leverage our knowledge of industries in which procurement and supply chain have specific requirements to tailor our training even further. The promise that Skill Dynamics makes to its clients is to provide highly relevant training for your people both in terms of their role in the organization and the sector in which clients operate.

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