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Written by Skill Dynamics

Route to Zero Carbon – Virtual Roundtable with Supply Chain Industry Experts

‘The Route to Zero Carbon’ is the first virtual roundtable in the newly established Thought Leadership series developed by the Skill Dynamics’ recently appointed Executive Strategy Advisor Professor Omera Khan.

Skill Dynamics, founded in 2011, is a corporate training & eLearning solutions company, on a mission to deliver customized solutions for professional development and empowerment of the workforce of supply chain organizations all around the globe through their online innovative and cognitive training programs in procurements, supply chain and sales.

Professor Omera Khan, whom recently became Skill Dynamics’ Executive Strategic Advisor, is all fired up to produce timely and relevant content to inspire supply chain professionals and their companies with business transformation. 

Commenting on why she chose Zero Carbon as her first project for the thought leadership series: 

“Climate change, its impact and what we can all do about it is more time critical than ever, we must step up to these changes NOW, and evidence shows that we can make improvements in the supply chain. It is my aim with this roundtable and accompanying white paper to demonstrate what steps are required to pursue zero carbon as part of a firm’s sustainability agenda, in doing so I hope I can inspire businesses to act today”.

Dr. Prof Omera Khan

This thought provoking roundtable can be watched below or accessed here.

The virtual roundtable comprises experts from academia, consultancy and leading organizations who are all at the forefront of thinking on zero carbon. They candidly discuss their experiences and share key takeaways that can help other businesses to embark on the route to zero carbon. As one of the roundtable experts echoed  “As the saying goes, we didn’t inherit the planet from our parents, we’re  borrowing it from our children.” A  powerful reminder to us all that we immediately need to change our course of action.  

The virtual roundtable is accompanied by a white paper detailing the results of her research, a must read for any organization.  Stating the significance of the supply chain sector, Professor Khan remarks that “decisions such as where and how products are sourced, manufactured, warehoused, and transported have a greater impact on global CO2 levels. This is why the supply chain sector is critical in taking action on climate change. Simply put, for any business with a physical supply chain, the choices and strategies relating to the operation of that supply chain have a consequential impact on that business’s CO2 emissions. And as businesses, in general, begin to address their carbon footprint as part of their general CSR and ESG agendas, those businesses’ extended supply chains are coming under increasing scrutiny.”.

Speakers on the Route to Zero Carbon Virtual Roundtable include:

Ed Weenk, PDEnd – Independent freelance professional, QuSL. Supply Chain | Consulting | Business Gaming | Training

Christopher Fielden – Group Supply Chain Director, Innocent Drinks

Alan Braithwaite – Chair of the CILT Freight and Logistics Policy Group

Nick Wilkins – Former SVP of Logistics, Avnet

Simon Geale – SVP Client Solutions, Proxima Group

Sofia Fürstenberg Stott – Founder & Partner, Fürstenberg Maritime Advisory

Julia Moshkin – Head of Sustainability Innovation, EcoVadis

Watch Virtual Roundtable Now!

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