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Written by Skill Dynamics

Route to Zero Carbon – Whitepaper Now Available!

Skill Dynamics has published  a whitepaper on the “Route to Zero Carbon” as part of the newly established Thought Leadership series developed by Skill Dynamics’ recently appointed Executive Strategcic Advisor, Professor Omera Khan. The paper aims to provide comprehensive research of the role supply chain organizations can make in their journey towards zero carbon. Particularly in reducing CO2 emissions, the barriers encountered and the skills required to become a zero-carbon organization.

route to zero carbon

Routes to zero carbon rail

Climate Change is real, and it has now turned into a severe global threat as we experience aggravated and frequent droughts, heatwaves, forest fires, hurricanes, floods, and storms in every corner of the globe. Climate change affects us all, and we are all responsible for this. Both individuals and organizations have a significant role in accelerating the issue. The industrial processes of previous decades have had a substantial effect on the global level of CO2 emissions in the environment, and these emissions are responsible for the climate change that the world is facing today.

Commenting on research that she conducted for the whitepaper on the ‘Route to Zero Carbon’. 

“For supply chains zero carbon is an exciting aspiration – one that holds the promise of attractive CSR and Sustainability benefits as well as the prospect of useful cost savings. But how realistic is zero carbon as an objective, and what challenges both technical and organisational must be overcome to achieve this? What initiatives are underway and with which skills do supply chain professionals need to equip themselves for the road to zero carbon? And how can they be acquired” 

Dr. Prof. Omera Khan

Discover the answers to these questions and more. The “Route to Zero Carbon” white paper is open to the public, download for free here.

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