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Written by Skill Dynamics

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport has Officially Endorsed Skill Dynamics’ Online Courses

Skill Dynamics is delighted to announce its newly forged partnership with CILT UK and the firm’s endorsement of its courses for being highly effective and of premium quality!

Skill Dynamics is an eLearning training provider that has established itself as the premier source of Supply Chain training content that is designed effectively to upskill corporate supply chain teams. Recently, the company has entered into an academic partnership with The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) that has recognized the courses offered at Skill Dynamics as one of the best training resources across the industry. The endorsement made by CILT is a mark of excellence for Skill Dynamics as it indicates the immense value that their learning journeys provide.

“Whether it is sustainability, risk management, or digitalization, today’s supply chain functions are under pressure to perform better and achieve higher objectives. Those companies that have well-developed supply chain personnel will succeed in today’s environment. Skill Dynamics’ partnership with CILT is a win-win situation – Skill Dynamics gets an expanded platform, and CILT is associated with the global leader in digital supply chain training.” 

David Rajakovich, CEO of Skill Dynamics.

The programs offered at the Skill Dynamics are helping supply chain professionals to transform the way their supply chains work – improving both their efficiency and resilience. Cognitive Load Theory lies at the heart of the design of both individual pieces of learning content and Skill Dynamics’ programs as a whole. This practical implementation of Cognitive Load Theory is what makes the SCA a unique and global leader as a provider of high-impact online training programs that upskill and effectively prepare corporate employees to excel in their role.

“Endorsement by the CILT is a recognition of excellence, I am delighted that our suite of courses and learning material offered by the Skill Dynamics are recognized by the industry’s leading professional membership organization. We are looking forward to strengthening our collaboration and are celebrating our new academic partnership.”

Prof. Dr Omera Khan Executive Strategy Advisor

CILT is a renowned membership organization established for the professionals affiliated with the Supply Chain Industry. The CILT was formed in 1919, and CILT UK is a registered charity and part of the CILT international family with over 33,000 members in numerous countries across the world. Members of the CILT are involved in the management and design of infrastructure, systems, processes, and information flows, and in the creation, management, and continuous improvement of effective organizations. The work of the members adds value to people and society and directly impacts the environment, business profitability, and economic growth. 

Skill Dynamics