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Written by Skill Dynamics

Why eLearning should not be one size fits all!

I’d like you to imagine King Charles the 3rd, and Ozzy Osbourne, just imagine them sitting side by side in a classroom.

Now, because they are both very familiar figures, you can immediately understand why you would not treat these two people the same way – even though on paper, they look as if they belong in the same category. They are both male, the same age, in the top 1% of earners and both live in the south of England for example.

Many eLearning platforms oversimplify their approach, mixing up their King Charles with their Ozzy Osbournes, and seeing them as the same homogenous group. Now consider your supply chain team as an example.

You may have five warehouse managers, who all need to focus on building skillsets, but perhaps one is more ambitious and wants to work towards promotion, and has dreams of becoming Operations Director. Or perhaps one warehouse manager has the same amount of experience as another, but is showing particular aptitude in supply chain sustainability which could help build a specialism in the warehouse and drive wider learnings across the company.

If you don’t take this into account when they begin their learning journey, you’re in danger of either dumbing down or shooting for the moon in terms of content.

So what’s the answer?

Effective eLearning should start with an understanding of the learner, what their motivations are, what their current skills are, and where they want to go. Are they looking for a promotion, or to deepen their current skill set for example.

This approach will help you accelerate your teams’ performance, because each learning journey is tailored to the individual to give optimal results, and has the advantage of scale across the organization.

How does it work?

By taking a collaborative approach, your eLearning provider should be able to break down the different roles in your team and capture what skills they currently have and how proficient they feel they are at each of them.

This skills review is at the core of the individuals’ learning journey, which is tailored to each learner but can be digitally delivered at scale. We call it our Skill Gap Assessment and is your learners’ first experience with our platform.

This approach is especially helpful when delivering on core strategic projects, such as sustainability goals. You are able to establish a clear benchmark at the start, and tangibly measure the improvements in learning and performance, across a wide range of team members.

Having trained over 300,000 people around the world, we have a deep-rooted understanding of the demands for different types of procurement and supply chain positions and what skills are needed for your team to excel in their roles.

We’ll deliver practical and impactful training with a clear path to reaching your goals. We can even set up the program to tackle specific business challenges and would love to talk to you about how we can help with your particular needs.

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