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More fun, more progress

People learn best when they enjoy it. That’s why we offer a number of learning methods across a variety of formats. All with your people working at their own pace, in a language of their choice.

Learning science is embedded in all our courses and learning tools to help the knowledge really sink in – and most importantly, easy to apply in the workplace.

High-impact eLearning

A unique approach that uses Cognitive Load Theory to increase effectiveness. We use materials that enable greater retention of the information presented.

Refresher courses

An avenue for continual learning and retention. Summarizing previous material, refresher courses help learners solidify concepts.


Help learners check their ability to apply what they’ve learned. Real-life scenarios ask them what action they’d take in specific circumstances.

Expert Reviews

Experts describe problems and provide relevant facts and information. Learners then describe how they would handle the problem.


Two-minute videos with reminders of key points. They close with a challenge to apply the learning in a specific, real-world situation.


Assessments in various formats determine what the learner has retained. Then we set exams to show mastery of a skill.

Application-based tasks

Projects ask learners to implement what they have learned throughout their training program. It’s a real-world final exam.

Serious games

Simulations or games using ‘branching’ scenarios to solve complex problems. Learners practice their skills in a risk-free environment in a fun way.

Webinar toolkits

Step-by-step guide helping facilitators effectively conduct their own webinars on vital topics. A guide highlights all key learning points, questions to ask and goals of the virtual classroom.

All supported by our world-class Customer Support Team

Our learning platform is easy to use. But if your learners run into any technical issues or understanding how it works, our multilingual Customer Support Team offers a single point of contact. Support is tailored accordingly for coordinators, senior leaders and managers which helps to ensure that every learning journey is engaging, efficient, and valuable for each user.