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Keep ahead of the curve with continuous, personalized eLearning

We believe learning never stops

With major world events occurring and new technologies constantly emerging, procurement and supply chain teams are under increasing pressure to perform. Continuous personalized learning is no longer optional, it’s necessary for procurement and supply chain teams to support their organization in tackling the challenges it faces. Employees also, rightly, expect and demand continual training so they feel equipped with the skills to do their jobs with confidence.

Navigate to success

Excellence is a moving target so whether your team’s training needs are to up-skill, re-skill or a combination of the two, let us keep your team up-to-date with all the latest tools, processes and technologies.

We heavily invest in the learning journey to ensure the learners objectives are met, and then new targets are set to keep them growing and learning professionally. Our science-based approach is key to keeping learners engaged, and keeps them coming back for more.

Personalized learning starts with a plan

We start by assessing the learner’s current knowledge against a set of established competency benchmarks, creating a path from current to desired knowledge and skills. Next our technology automatically assigns a personalized learning journey and login to get up and running. Courses are available 24/7 and on any device, with simple, engaging and practical content. Learners stay engaged with a variety of learning formats, and real-world examples. We always stay on top of the latest trends and developments, continually adding new content to our world-class catalogue.

Accelerate your performance

Our learning science and wide variety of learning formats ensures that learners keep engaged and put the learning into practice, making an immediate impact on their performance – and that of your business.

World-class Customer Support Team

Our multilingual Customer Support Team offers dynamic support for coordinators, senior leaders and managers also ensures that every learning journey is engaging, efficient, and valuable for each user. Our goal is to support learners throughout their journey to accelerate your overall team performance.