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Industry leading content, for every role and level

The foundation of our approach is role-based, so you can be confident we have courses to suit every position in your procurement and supply chain teams.

We use a sophisticated combination of roles, competencies and levels to align our training content to the needs of the individual learner. There are over 1,000 role and level combinations which allows for truly personalized learning, from senior buyers to category managers, demand planners to schedulers and analysts we’ve got your entire team covered.

From the factory floor to the boardroom

And that means all levels in your team too. We have different courses tailored for senior leaders and managers as well as the very different training needs of the entry-level workers, including the large number of workers on the factory floor. The depth of content goes from awareness to understanding, then practitioner to ultimately expert.

Maybe your analysts only need to be trained in the negotiation competency to the awareness level, but your category managers may be served practitioner level content to meet the specific demands of their role.

The big picture

Our senior leadership content typically focus on strategy, measurement and performance and explains concepts, techniques and technologies that demonstrates how to achieve business goals and objectives. We explore the need to find, hire and train talent to tackle emerging business challenges and needs.

Refine, adapt and evolve

The world around us is constantly changing, and our learning needs to change too. We believe that learning never stops, so we support a continuous learning journey. As new developments happen in your industry, or the wider world, we create content that procurement and supply chain professionals of all levels can rely on to keep them informed, equipped and knowledgeable.

Role based approach