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The Future of Retail

The Future of Retail

by Prof. Omera Khan

In little over a decade, the retail landscape has changed out of all recognition. The shift to online retailing, for instance. The rise of omnichannel. The demise of department stores. The shrinking High Street, and the move to edge-of-town retail parks. Growing consumer demand for same-day home deliveries. The impact on retail supply chains has been just as great, with both retailers and their suppliers under pressure to develop innovative new capabilities.

So where is retail heading? How exactly are retail supply chains changing? Which strategies should retailers—and their suppliers, and logistics partners—adopt, in response? And what skills—and technologies—are coming to the fore as retailers, suppliers, and logistics partners embrace this brave new world? Talking to experts, this paper investigates.

“Paradigms that reliably worked for decades—if not centuries—have been broken. Today’s consumers are emphatically not the same as yesterday’s: they want different things, and a different retail experience. In return, retailers must evolve, or perish as collateral damage in the revolution that is underway.”

Prof. Dr. Omera Khan Executive Strategic Advisor

This whitepaper and accompanying roundtable discussion shed light on key issues that could be useful to:

Discover where retail is heading by hearing from leading experts for insights and industry perspectives.

Understand the challenges and risks in future retail, and how to overcome them.

Be inspired to redefine your own retail approach through actionable strategies enabling you compete more effectively.