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3D virtual Supply chain game

Experience our groundbreaking 3D virtual “Supply Chain Game”

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Can you handle the pressure of getting the VeloTech 3000 back up and running in time for the championship race? Enter your details to play. Play in Chrome browser.

How to play the supply chain game

Our Supply Chain Reaction game is a 3D virtual simulation. Play in your browser.

The popular VeloTech 3000 has some production issues and the elite series is used by the reigning cycling champion, but will she be able to get her handlebars in time?

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How does it work?

In this supply chain training game, you play the role of the Supply Chain Manager for a bicycle manufacturer. It’s a new day and you’ve just walked into your office – but something has already gone wrong.

You’ll be able to navigate around a virtual office and warehouse environment – talking to other characters, emailing colleagues and reading various documents to understand the extent of the problem before deciding how best to solve it.

Supply chain simulation

Determine the root cause

Your primary goal is to understand what has happened to cause the supply chain disruption.

By understanding the root cause, you’ll be best placed to recommend corrective actions that will solve both the immediate issue but also prevent the same problem in the future.

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Race against the clock

As is the case with any business, time is money. The quicker you can identify, understand and fix the disruption, the better for the business and its customers.

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Elevate your supply chain skills with the best supply chain game

With state-of-the-art visuals and an immersive gameplay experience, Supply Chain Reaction goes beyond entertainment, offering an educational adventure. The game challenges you to prove your mettle in supply chain management, pushing the boundaries of your skills and knowledge.

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