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Written by Skill Dynamics

Press Release: Skill Dynamics Acquire Content Enablers to Strengthen Position in Corporate eLearning

Berkshire (UK) & New York (USA) 22nd February 2024 – Skill Dynamics Moves to Strengthen its Position in Corporate eLearning with the Acquisition of Content Enablers

Skill Dynamics, a provider of high-impact, role-based, specialized supply chain and procurement training has acquired Content Enablers, a company renowned for compliance training. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for both organizations, solidifying their commitment to offering their customers highly effective training programs.

Skill Dynamics is established as a key player in digital training for supply chain and procurement professionals. Recently the company has invested heavily into additional digital learning content and it’s product technology suite, further solidifying Skill Dynamics class-leading position. The company’s product range includes a sophisticated skill assessment tool which uses powerful AI to curate a tailored learning plan for each individual learner based on both corporate and learner goals. The company’s dedication to innovation and it’s customer-centric approach has earned the business a reputation internationally for delivering highly effective and dynamic training solutions that deliver real results. The company is particularly proud to help companies reach their ESG targets through procurement and supply chain efficiencies which directly drive down carbon output.

Content Enablers has been the go-to provider of trade compliance training solutions for more than two decades. The world’s leading aerospace, defense, technology, and manufacturing companies rely on the companys’ export, import, sanctions, security, and anti-corruption training to keep their employees up to date on evolving global regulatory requirements. Company-specific customization, real-time regulatory updates and multi-language learning content are a few key differentiators—but it is dynamic training tailored to learner role, location, and industry that has been the cornerstone of the company’s success. Brad Kabanuk, CEO of Content Enablers, noted, “Content Enablers’ trade compliance content, language options, and personalization tools naturally pair with Skills Dynamics leading procurement and supply chain offerings to provide a single global training source.”

Through the recent acquisition, Skill Dynamics becomes the new home for Content Enablers, further expanding its market presence and enriching its training offerings. The acquisition, which was finalized on 22 February, signals a strategic alignment between the two companies, driven by a shared mission to empower learners and provide unparalleled learning experiences.

Sam Pemberton, CEO of Skill Dynamics comments, “We know that many of our global customers use Content Enablers solutions for their trade compliance needs and countless others will benefit from doing so. By acquiring the business, our joint teams are now actively working to closely integrate our solutions for the maximum benefit of Skill’s procurement and supply chain, and CE’s trade compliance, customers. This is a hugely exciting time for both businesses, and we are looking forward to investing to deliver exceptional products and service as the Content Enablers team become a part of the Skill Dynamics family.” Customers can expect a seamless transition and an expanded range of tailored training solutions as a result of this acquisition. Skill Dynamics’ advanced technology and commitment to innovation will enhance the already exceptional Content Enablers trade compliance programs, allowing learners to stay ahead of the curve. With a focus on continuous improvement, both companies will work together to innovate and deliver impactful training experiences that deliver real operational results.

About Skill Dynamics

Skill Dynamics specializes in high-impact training for procurement and supply chain professionals worldwide. A class-leading product suite allows individual eLearning to be precisely tailored to both the learner and to business needs, and it thereby has a direct impact on a company hitting it’s ESG goals while learners accelerate their careers through accredited certifications.

Hundreds of multinationals trust Skill Dynamics to up-skill and re-skill their teams and the company services. Skill Dynamics supports over 300,000 learners around the world.

About Content Enablers

For more than 20 years, Content Enablers has delivered the industry’s most effective and intuitive online trade compliance training solutions to millions of employees globally. The company has revolutionized and simplified the training process allowing the world’s leading organizations to deliver, and document, impactful and engaging training to all levels of learners.

With a library of more than 150 cloud-based training courses, content depth ranges from general export and import awareness, to detailed functional training, to in-depth trade practitioner training. CE’s cutting-edge tools allow for extensive customization of training content to include company branding, jurisdiction, products, technologies, and learner languages. Webinars covering timely trade compliance topics are an important aspect of the continuous learning component of the CE training model.

Content Enablers’ suite of services includes consulting from its experienced team in the Trade Advisory Services division as well as practical and interactive live training seminars.

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