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Written by Skill Dynamics

Press release: Introducing new names for Skill Dynamics’ technology

LONDON, 12 December 2023

The Skill Dynamics eLearning platform comprises of three experiences that combine to deliver our world-class digital learning program. Until now, each of these technologies has had its own distinct product name.

We felt we could help make our technology easier to understand – and say! – so we’re changing the names to make it clear that they are all modules within the Skill Dynamics platform. From today, the names will change as follows:

The new names are simpler, more consistent, easier to remember, and reflect at a glance what the technology does.

What else is new?

Our content and tech teams have been working hard to create loads of new content and feature enhancements and we’ve recently also launched six full high-impact learning courses, four new microlearnings, and five new application-based tasks. Not only that, but we’ve deployed over 330 further improvements to our technology so far in 2H.

You can find out more about our platform here and the latest course catalogs here.

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