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Supply Chain & Procurement Certifications

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Unrivalled Practical Learning for Supply Chain and Procurement Certifications

Skill Dynamics is a proud holder of the Global Standard granted by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM).

We’re the first commercial training provider to receive this prestigious accreditation and wholeheartedly guarantee an unrivaled level of practical learning for your team.

After completion of their comprehensive procurement program, your employees will hold a highly regarded and internationally recognized certificate. Skill Dynamics delivers two types of accredited programs:

Certified Procurement Professional (CPP)

Certified Advanced Procurement Professional (CAPP)

Skill Dynamics digital badges

Our learners love to share their achievements on social media platforms so we offer digital badges for each of the six Certified Professional statuses that we officially recognize. Learners are encouraged to add their procurement certification and supply chain certification badges to their social profiles to showcase their important milestone and professional credibility.

Skill Dynamics Procurement & Supply Chain certified badges

Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Standard is the point of reference for the entire sector of purchasing and supply, providing criteria and guidance that IFPSM uses as a benchmark for learning and development programs.

With the increase in global procurement and supply chain needs, it was time to instil more professionalism and the highest standards of excellence into the market.

To achieve this, the IFPSM has assembled a team of globally renowned academic and field experts to create a unique set of universal standards and best practices that help procurement professionals around the world.

Reinforced by the Global Standard, purchasing and supply specialists gain a full understanding, intimate knowledge, and a clear vision of what it takes to be a top performer.

An expert team of independent auditors appointed by the Global Standard Board evaluates programs on a global scale to ensure that content, delivery, and grading meet the highest standards, regardless of their location.

To achieve the Global Standard, providers and programs must pass a rigorous audit process and qualify based on the stringent criteria established by the Board.

Organizations granted the Global Standard accreditation become authorized to teach as officially licensed learning and development providers, offering:

  • Extensive and advanced procurement programs to help procurement specialists become experts in their field
  • Tools and knowledge to enable procurement professionals to comply with the highest global standards
  • A set of rigorous processes and strict procedures to develop, deliver, and evaluate courses
  • Procurement programs developed by field and academic experts to ensure a top university, bachelor’s degree level of education
  • Unique, unequaled, and world-class content and learning aids.

Yes, our certification programs are developed and available for both organizations and individuals.

However, the main requirement for individuals considering enrolment in the CIPP and CIAPP programs is to be working and actively pursuing their careers in the field of procurement. Want to apply? Read more on our dedicated webpage.

Typical procurement courses and learning sessions mainly provide theoretical knowledge. For the most part, they leave out real-life case studies, hands-on experience, and practical exercises.

They’re generally built around main topics and themes without actually diving deep into the subject and the intricacies of procurement and supply chain management.

The vast majority of acquired certificates simply show that someone enrolled, gained a vague understanding, and successfully finished a procurement course, rather than offering proof of being able to put knowledge into practice.

The Skill Dynamics/IFPSM certificate is not just a diploma but a meticulously developed educational program. Field and academic experts created an exceptional learning and advancement path for procurement professionals to learn how to turn theory into practice.

The main value-adding factor is that enterprises gain a certified procurement expert who knows global best practices and will effectively comply with the highest industry standards.

While our learning programs greatly benefit individuals, they’re designed to enable enterprises to capitalize on and draw from their employees’ broadened knowledge and expertise.

Our global accreditation means enterprises are guaranteed their employees complete top-quality certification programs that transform talented professionals into high-performing experts. To put it simply, the value-added for enterprises is a procurement talent pool that will drive a competitive edge.

Yes, our courses are valid for recertification, to give you the flexibility to grow and be a well-rounded professional.

Skill Dynamics has the IFPSM accreditation and therefore the courses count toward continuing education hours for all associations. Our certificates meet the requirements of various recertification and reaccreditation programs, including ISM CPSM, CPSD, CPM, and APP.

At Skill Dynamics, our objective is not only to provide the best possible learning and development programs but also to empower individuals to become experts who hold several certificates.

CILT(UK) have pre-selected a series of training options into bundles that are eligible for CPD hours. CILT(UK) will allocate CPD only on request and after completion of the learning. To request it, you will need to contact our Support Team to tell them what you studied, the time you spent on each aspect of the bundle and evidence of how you embedded the learning – for example through a quiz, reflection exercise etc. We will then liaise with the CILT(UK) to confirm your CPD hours and, if requested, a certificate can be provided by Skill Dynamics.

For more information on the importance of CPD and how to utilise it effectively, please check out CILT(UK)’s CPD guidance.

Empower your employees with the internationally recognized certificate