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Team-based digital learning

Your team will learn:

  • The initiation phase
  • Business partnering
  • Category strategy
  • Spend analysis
  • Category analysis
  • Continuous improvement

Category Management Training & Certification

Take a strategic approach to procurement by empowering your organization to segment business spend into key areas with similar products. This set of role-based courses explores how this systematic and disciplined approach enables your business to focus opportunities for consolidation and drive bottom line efficiency.

Category management courses

The Introduction to Category Management e-learning course introduces learners to the purpose and operation of category management through interactive learning. Key areas covered include understanding the difference between sourcing and category management, program governance and steering groups, and the five key principles of category management.

What is supply chain category management?

In the complex world of supply chain management, efficiency is paramount. One essential strategy to achieve this is Supply Chain Category Management, which streamlines operations, optimizes resources, and ensures your supply chain runs like a well-oiled machine.

The principles of category management

Understand the ten steps of Category Management as well as what executive sponsors are, scoping the category, defining the project charter, and gaining first insight and securing quick wins.

Procurement business partnering

Your team will learn how procurement professionals work closely with business leaders to establish objectives – including those beyond savings – and deliver them together. With this procurement certification, learn how different products and services require different ways of selling and selling, procurement’s services to senior internal clients.

Learn practical techniques to plan and adapt to the changing needs of your customers with real-world examples of developing needs-based solutions, post-proposal solution evolution and getting buy in and commitment to action plans.

Category management strategy

Learn how to deliver significant value to the organization with category management strategy, a foundation of the category management approach. Skill Dynamics’ Strategy and Implementation e-learning provides learners with the skills, tools and understanding to complete a SWOT analysis and create the category strategy.

Key topics covered include the change curve, scoping update, detailed implementation planning, and award criteria.

Procurement spend analysis

Uncover the strategic benefits of analyzing historical purchasing data for an organization to provide solutions for spend visibility, compliance, and control. Learn how real-time data and analytics provides a business with the insight needed to save money and gain efficiency.

Procurement category analysis

Develop an in-depth knowledge of the demand and supply market for a particular category which not only helps to manage the category efficiently but also matures the understanding of a stakeholder holistically. Learners will gain in-depth knowledge of internal data gathering, supply chain mapping, mastering supply market competitiveness (Porter 5 forces), PEST(LE) analysis, and determining potential sources of leverage.

Continuous improvement

Go one step further with our content focused on continuous process improvement, understanding the role of the category manager, Six Sigma and DMAIC, the continuous improvement cycle, PDCA and lessons learned.

Suitable for the following roles:

  • Procurement Analyst
  • Contract Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Support Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager

This learning content includes:

  • High-impact
  • Exams &
  • Simulations
  • Expert
  • Application
    based tasks
  • Microlearning
  • Serious
  • Webinar
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