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Team-based digital learning

Your team will learn:

  • Developing a business case
  • Time planning
  • Roles and stakeholders
  • Managing risk
  • Project controls
  • Process mapping
  • Effective presentations

Project Management Training & Certification

Understand the critical role of the project manager in forming a highly optimized procurement team. Learn about building time and resource plans, project governance, business cases, establishing project controls and effective stakeholder management.

Procurement and supply chain professionals are frequently called upon to manage large-scale and business critical projects. Our introduction to project management training gives your team the tools, insights, and know-how to manage projects successfully and with confidence.

We start by exploring a high-level overview of what project management is and why it’s important, covering the principles, process, and detail of project management as a discipline, and then dive into the following topics.

The business case

Learn the definition of business case document and its essential elements. We show learners how to conduct a cost-benefit analysis and how to use a business case throughout a project lifecycle to the end to show the value created by procurement.

Effective time planning

The “Project Time Planning” course provides a high-level overview of what project management is and why it’s so important. We define the core principles of project management and summarize the project management process.

Roles and stakeholders

Here we define the project team roles and responsibilities, how they fit into the plan, and how to motivate and engage your team. We further explore effective ways of communicating with, managing, and influencing key stakeholders.

Managing risk

In the “Project Risk Management” course, learners will understand the process for managing risk and each critical step. You’ll learn how to take advantage of upside risk and tips for improving risk management.

Project controls

Managing expectations is an essential skill in project management. In this topic, we discover how project control is essential for managing success and handling change management. You’ll learn how to implement change management, how changes impact time, cost-benefit and quality, guidelines on problem escalation, project tolerances and reporting, and how to conduct a project handover.

Process mapping

Learn how process maps and flowcharts use standard symbols and swim-lanes, and discover our best practice tools and templates for process flow mapping.

Effective presentation

Learn how to craft effective presentations to communicate with senior executives and make a convincing and persuasive case. The “Presentation Skills for Procurement” course introduces the skills, tools and techniques your team needs to present to stakeholders at every level, from board level to operational.

Suitable for the following roles:

  • Operational Buyer
  • Procurement Analyst
  • Buyer / Senior Buyer
  • Contract Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Support Manager
  • Quality Assurance Officer

This learning content includes:

  • High-impact
  • Exams &
  • Simulations
  • Expert
  • Application
    based tasks
  • Microlearning
  • Serious
  • Webinar
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