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Team-based digital learning

Your team will learn:

  • Relationship management
  • Vision, mission & strategy
  • Fraud prevention
  • Value management
  • Measurement and ROI
  • Dominant suppliers
  • Supplier diversity
  • Business case analytics
  • Sustainability

Training in procurement strategies

Having an ambitious procurement vision and mission is critical to delivering real and sustainable business value. Our procurement strategy training includes how to build out your vision and translate it into a functioning everyday strategy.

Our complete procurement training will help you learn useful tools and techniques to develop your procurement vision and mission that deliver sustainable long-term value. Learn how to translate your vision into a working strategy from segmenting your supply base, managing supplier relationships (SRM) more effectively and implement in-sourcing/outsourcing.

Procurement Supplier relationship management

Our supplier relationship management courses explore the fundamentals of SRM then deep dive into topics such as the SRM process, supplier identification, segmentation, identifying strategic suppliers and relationship analysis. We further explore how to conduct portfolio and supplier preference analysis, the combined relationship matrix, plus conducting evaluation and lessons learned reviews.

Procurement vision, mission & strategy

We explore the definitions and objectives of procurement vision, mission and strategy, how they’re connected, and the need to align your activities with the organization’s wider strategy.

Procurement Fraud prevention

Our “Corporate Fraud Prevention” course defines corporate fraud and explores why people commit fraud in the first place, the warning signs to look for, and the actions all employees can take to prevent fraud and therefore mitigate risk.

Value management in procurement

Master the twelve ways procurement professionals can realize the value from their category with our set of two value management courses.

Procurement & ROI

Learn about the core challenges with measuring savings and ‘hard’ savings, understand the adverse incentives buyers face, how to reward them, the business impact of working capital reduction and measuring improvements in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Learn about cost avoidance and the methods of measuring it. Understand the best practices in defining value beyond cost reduction and the importance of reporting credible value contributions to stakeholders. We also deep dive into additional topics such as spend analysis, Pareto analysis, supplier reductions and establishing a procurement competency framework.

We further explore how senior procurement leaders can deliver greater value to their organization, analyzing procurement’s delivery capability and calculating return on investment (ROI).

Procurement & Managing dominant suppliers

Learn about working with your business team, confirming supplier dominance, how to open up strategic options and preparing for future negotiations.

Supplier diversity in procurement

Discover how a supplier diversity program ensures a company represents diverse businesses in its supply chain, covering legislation, laws and policies, the diversity process, and operating and monitoring a diversity program.

Business case analysis

In the “Business Case Analytics” course, your team will learn the data analysis needed to present a solid business case including net present value (NPV), decision trees and scenarios, discount rates, and the Monte Carlo simulation.

Sustainable procurement strategies

Explore ways to procure goods and services more sustainably, respecting human rights, reducing environmental impact, and maintaining strong business ethics.

Your team will learn a step-by-step guide to implementing a sustainability program and linking it to everyday business activities. We cover supplier evaluations, conducting site visits and audits with detailed examples.

Suitable for the following roles:

  • Operational Buyer
  • Procurement Analyst
  • Buyer / Senior Buyer
  • Contract Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Support Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager

This learning content includes:

  • High-impact
  • Exams &
  • Simulations
  • Expert
  • Application
    based tasks
  • Microlearning
  • Serious
  • Webinar
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